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Disguises! In today’s Freewheel!

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Apr. 20th, 2011 | 10:11 am

Disguises! In today’s Freewheel!

Sorry about missing Monday’s update, I miscalculated my ability to draw comics while traveling (as in, I am never able to draw comics while traveling, I shouldn’t even pretend like it’s an option) so I wasn’t able to get an update together while I was at Stumptown over the weekend. I got a lot of writing and thumbnailing done on the plane, but not any real drawing.

Next up is TCAF on May 7-8! I will be there! You should also be there, if you’re in the Toronto area, and come say hi! Most likely I will be seen eating copious amounts of Tim Horton’s donuts.

Speaking of donuts! I ate a lot of them while I was in Portland. I’m a really huge fan of Voodoo Doughnut, which is a donut shop there. It’s not just any donut shop though, they make their donuts fresh every day on-site and have a ton of weird toppings and combinations. My personal favorite is the classic voodoo donut, which is a chocolate covered, raspberry jam-filled, voodoo doll-shaped donut that comes with a little pretzel stick you use to stab it while you’re thinking of someone you wish ill upon.

Tim Horton’s is no Voodoo, but it’ll do.

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