Liz Baillie (lizbaillie) wrote,
Liz Baillie

NYCC signing schedule

The New York Comic Con is coming up this weekend and I have my signing schedule right here for y’all:

Saturday April 19th - I will be signing at the Friends of Lulu table (which I believe is at the MoCCA table, booth 840) from 11am-12noon, followed by the Indie Spinner Rack table (in the podcast arena) from 1-4pm.

Sunday April 20th - I will be signing at the Friends of Lulu table again from 12-1pm

I will also be rocking out at the Indie Spinner Rack/podcaster fest on Saturday night, which as far as I know will be at John's Pizzeria at 44th St and 8th Avenue - all you can eat pizza, soda, garlic bread, calzones, and salad for $29/person. If you wanna go you better put your name on the list right here.
Tags: cons, nycc, signings

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