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Introducing... the Minicomic of the Month Club!

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Nov. 16th, 2008 | 09:48 pm

Also known as... my official departure from sanity as we know it!

For the duration of 2009 I would like to embark upon a possibly insane experiment. And like anything worth doing, you can pay to watch it happen!

Every month in 2009 I will release a new minicomic, not previously released, all-new material. These comics will be available exclusively to those lucky voyeurs who choose to subscribe and receive these comics in their mailbox once a month. They will not be available for individual sale, you have to be a member of the Club to get them. The Club comics will NOT include any comics that are part of an existing series (no issues of MBH, no issues of Freewheel, no new series). Each comic will be its own thing.

However, in the interest of my continued ability to complete 3 issues of Freewheel in 2009, these comics will most likely NOT be incredibly long. Most likely they will be shorter comics, smaller comics. Think "Layover" size.

The comics will most likely include bizarro random ideas I came up with but couldn't fit anywhere else. Some of them will be weird formal experiments that are unlike my other work. Some of them will probably make you shake your head and go "Buh?" And some of them might be awesome! Maybe I'll do a 24 hour comic! Maybe I'll experiment with some weird packaging!

BONUS: All members of the Minicomic of the Month Club get a MEMBERSHIP CARD! WTF, right? How cool is that? You know you want to be in the club!

You have a few options when it comes to subscribing to the Minicomic of the Month Club.

- If you subscribe before DECEMBER 15th it will be considered a "pre-order" and your #1/January comic will be sent out December 16th - right in time for Christmas!

- You can also order after December 15th and your first comic will arrive in your mailbox at the beginning of January.

- If you subscribe later on in 2009 you will be sent all previous Minicomics of the Month and continue to receive any remaining issues over the duration of 2009.

- If you subscribe at a convention you will not only receive all previously published Minicomics of the Month from that year, you will also receive a special Bonus Comic as an incentive for subscribing at a convention! If you are already a subscriber, show your Membership Card at a convention to receive your Bonus Comic.

Subscriptions are available in two flavors:

Six months for $20 - add to cart
Full year for $40 - add to cart

(shipping is included in the price!)

Any questions? E-mail me at liz (at) lizbaillie (dot) com.

I am probably completely crazy for doing this. Please feel free to tell your friends about my insane experiment. I mean seriously I am looking at doing fifteen comics in 2009 at least. That's fucking bonkers dude. But I firmly believe I can do it. Here we go!

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Liz Baillie

(no subject)

from: lizbaillie
date: Nov. 20th, 2008 10:59 am (UTC)

It's possible, though I haven't decided yet. I'll probably decide the moment I sit down to make them.

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